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Waterfall in Hamilton

Webster’s Falls is a waterfall in Hamilton, Ontario. I honestly had no idea we had these types of beautiful landmarks in Ontario. I have so much to explore from the province I grew up in.

My wife & I being Sportsnet Reporters

My wife & I considering a career change.

While at the Rogers Centre for Rogers Family Day my wife and I went behind the desk for Sportsnet. While we didn’t really do anything there than take a picture, it was still pretty cool.

Steve Dangle: This Team Is Ruining My Life

This team is RUINING my life…

Steve Dangle, YouTuber, Blogger, Podcaster, Leafs Fan, wanted to know how to get one of these. How do I get one of these? "This team is ruining my life!" — Steve Dangle Glynn (@Steve_Dangle) May 8, 2015 When you’re a graphic designer, this is


The Marlies, Toronto’s future hope

On Saturday I went with my younger brother to watch the Toronto Marlies take on the Grand Rapid Griffins for their first playoff game in 2015. It was awesome! What makes it better is knowing that most of these kids have a really good chance


My First Dio is Complete!

After a few weeks I was finally able to finish this little bad boy. Here are the progress pics. The next step was setting up some pipes for the “electrical” work It’s getting there. Thank you Dollarama! Bane in the darkness The painting begins with